Failing Forward

Failing Forward

What does that even mean?! Falling forward? But we usually fall back! It's gotta be a typo! Or maybe...

Maybe it's trying to tell us something. See, when we think we fail at something, what actually happens? We think we "fail" when we don't get the outcome we want. But if you look closely, there's still another outcome, and most of the time, it's even more important. We LEARN.

The next time you try to do it, you do it differently, maybe even better, and you keep learning from every time you "failed" until you finally succeed. That "failure" wasn't really a failure. It was a lesson. Every time. Those lessons stay with you for the rest of your life and it made a new and improved version of YOU! 

For example, when we keep bowling straight in the middle and never getting a strike, we learn that maybe that's not the best way to do it. We decide to experiment bowling in different ways and every time it doesn't work, we LEARN to eliminate that way from our next trials. We finally learn to go slightly off center in order to hit that strike. And then we succeed! And now that we learned, we continue succeeding. 

It's the same in every area of life, with school, work, even things you do in your own free time or things that you are passionate about. Gymnastics, piano, math, cooking... we all learn how to do these things by failing over and over again. I mean, learning... over and over again. Same thing.

So the next time you "fail", celebrate it, because you just learned something new that will help you succeed in the future. That's why they call it "failing forward", because it takes us one step ahead of where we were before.

And if that's the case, is it even really "failing"?

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