Dealing with Bullies

Dealing with Bullies

Starting your own business or any awesome venture sometimes brings lots of bullies your way. Many kids, or sometimes even grownups, can say really mean things. Sometimes, people don't like it when others are doing great things because they get jealous. They may say things to discourage you from doing great things. Other times, they may not know it hurts your feelings. Like if someone laughs at you when you say you're starting your own business. They might just think "it's cute". Some people think we are too young to start our own business. They might think we can't do it. But, with the right help from our parents or other mentors, we can do anything! 


We must remember to stay focused at all times to achieve what we want. I really want to see my own merch and products in the stores. If I let bullies or haters hurt my feelings, I'll never achieve those things. Jojo Siwa said it best in her song, "Boomerang" when she sang, "They can keep talking their talk, but I'm a keep walking my walk, and I won't hear a sound. Yeah they're just trying to see if they can get the best of me, well not this time around." (Actually, I love the words of this song so much that I even did a cover of it! Check it out here: )


So, I just wanted to let you know that if bullies are trying to bother you, ignore them, stay focused on your goals, and know that what bullies think or say can't ever stop you from achieving your dreams. You have a whole lot more people out there who love and support you! So, as Taylor Swift says, shake it off! You've got this! 

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