"Being Amaya: World Adventures" - A New Children's Book Series

"Being Amaya: World Adventures" - A New Children's Book Series

Who ever said you can only do one thing?! I love bath and beauty products for kids, but my other passion is travel!

My parents and I go on adventures all around the world, thanks to my mom because she has a travel company. Whenever I see these great places, I always want to tell all my friends about it, so I thought... why don't I just tell everyone?! So I created a brand new book series about my adventures called "Being Amaya: World Adventures". Each book tells about a different city or country, and my hope is that other kids can learn about these places, too, and maybe even visit one day! They are all available on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback versions. Just search "Being Amaya" on Amazon!

If you're not into reading books much, but would rather watch videos, you can also check out my YouTube channel for videos about some of my other adventures! Just search "Being Amaya" on YouTube! Don't forget to like, share, and subscribe!

I really appreciate your support in all I do. It's important to show us kids that what we do is appreciated and worth it. Please continue to support all other kidpreneurs you come across, too. We are the future.

And don't forget to check out the "Being Amaya: World Adventures" children's book series available now on Amazon! They are great books to read while you're relaxing in a warm bath with a Boomshuga Sparkly Honeysuckle Bath Bomb or even afterwards in your Satin BoomShuga pajamas! wink, wink!

Thanks so much!

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